Computer Gage & Column Gage & Air Electronic Converter

The following  are some of the more 'common' cables used with various Lance Instruments products.   They do not represent 'all' of the standard cables currently available however.

If you require information on a cable not listed, please call or Email us.

Related to the above are specialty cables & connectors used to interface our products to those of other manufacturers.

In addition to the above, we also provide the service of installing connectors on customer probes (ie LVDT) or other devices to interface to our products.

L3000 Computer Gaging System Cables:

-  LC0716    Standard External Control, Contact Input Cable, 3-Inputs; Length: 6'

-  LC0713    Relay Output Cable,  2 Relays; Length 6'

-  LC0714    Relay Output Cable,  8 Relays;  Length 5'

L9100 Column Gage Cables:

-  LC0701    Status Output Cable, HI/OK/LO Status; Length 6'

-  LC0702    Relay Output Cable, 1 Relay NO/NC;  Length 6'

-  LC1700    Relay Output Cable, 2 Relays;  Length 6'

-  LC1701    Relay Output Cable, 3 Relays;  Length 6'

-  LC0730    Analog Output Cable;  Length 6'

-  LC0706    Modular Control Cable, Pigtail Leads, Length 6'

-  LC0707    Modular Interconnect Cable, Column-to-Column, Length 1'

L8356 Air-to-Electronic Converter Cables:

-  LC0732    Standard Signal Cable, Din Plug to Pigtail Leads; Length 6'

-  LC0736    Interconnect Cable, L8356 A/E Converter to L3000 Computer Gage, Signal & Power, Length 6'

-  LC0733    Interconnect Cable, L8356 A/E Converter to 'Gage Chek' TM, Signal & Power, Length 6'

-  LC0737    Power Interconnect Cable, L8356 A/E Converter 'Power IN' to 'Power OUT', Length 1'