L8356 Air-to-Electronic Converters

              Air-to-Electronic Converter The L8356 Air-to-Electronic Converter is designed to enable the use of standard air gaging on computer gaging systems.  

The unit provides a DC output voltage which is proportional to the pneumatic back pressure created when an air fixture is connected.  It includes both "Spread" and "Zero" pneumatic controls on the front panel for easy operator adjustment.

The case is a rugged 16 gauge steel with a light grey enamel finish, designed to meet harsh factory environments.


-  Two Pneumatic controls, one for "Spread", and one for "Zero"
-  Electronic Gain control for adjusting the converter gain to match external devices.
-  Standard 7/16" Flare fitting air connectors for quick connection to tooling and air supply.
-  Includes built-in pressure regulator, air valve control block, and signal conditioning electronics.
-  Calibration is accomplished in a similar manner to column gages, using Min and Max masters.
-  Units can be mounted side-by-side via threaded holes in the bottom of the case, compatible with Lance
    standard mounting plates.


-  Case Dimensions:  1.8" Wide x 4.0" High x 8.75" Deep

-  Mounting:  Via 4,  4-40 threaded holes in the unit bottom.  These are compatible with Lance standard
    column mounting plates (optional).

-  Air Pressure Requirements:  80- 150 PSI, clean dry air supply to 7/16" x 20 #4 flare fitting.

-  Design Centre Operating Pressure:  24 PSI  (for 0 volts DC output).

-  DC Output Range:  - 5 VDC to + 5 VDC  max range.

-  Power Supply Requirements:  12 Volts DC.    An external power supply for providing power for up to
    12 converters, is available as an option.   Alternatively, in some applications, the unit can be powered from
     the device the Air-to-Electronic converter is driving.

-  Connections:  3 Rear-panel DIN connectors, 1 for Signal Output, 1 for Power In, and 1 for Power Out.

-  Accessories Available:
          -  Signal Output Cable (5 Pin DIN 240) to bare pigtail wires, 6' long.
          -  Power Adapter:  Requires 120 Vac,  powers up to 12 converters per power adapter.
          -  Power Interconnect Cable:  Provides power from the 'Power Out' connector of one converter, to the 'Power
              In' connector of an adjacent converter.