Instructional Videos:

              Computer Gage, Column Gage, Air to Electronic Converters

The following instructional videos have been prepared, to assist users in the installation, setup, and operation of our products.

They describe how to setup & use the instruments in a tutorial-style format, which can be easier to follow than in simply reading a manual.

In addition to the tutorials & manuals provided, please do not hesitate to call us if you have any specific questions regarding their use.


Introduction to the L9100 Column Gage:

Although the following tutorials are based on the L9100 Air Column, programming & operation of the L9100 LVDT Column is essentially identical, with the exception of a few minor differences.

The Introduction video provides an overview of the L9100 features and capabilities.

Using the TFT Digital Display:

This tutorial describes the use of the full-colour TFT digital display under regular operating mode,  and  during Column programming & setup.

L9100 Programming Part 1:

Programming of the Common Programming parameters are first discussed,  and refer to programming which is common to all 8 of the individual setups.

The programming menus discussed are the Setup Menu (Polarity, Units, Range, Nominal Display & Min/Max Master Setpoints),  the Manual Menu (Electronic Zero & Gain),  the Mode Menu (Gain Range Adjust), and the Limits Menu (Spec & App Limits, and Output Options).

L9100 Programming Part 2A:

The programming menus discussed are the Display Menu (Bargraph Colour & Marker setups),   the User Menu (User 1 & 2 Front-Panel Pushbuttons, and Led Indicators 1, 2, & 3),  the Format Menu (Part Description setup, and Setup 1-8 options),  and the Options Menu (Sec Security Code, and External Input setups).

L9100 Programming Part 2B:

The programming menus discussed are the Utility Menu (Primary ID Code setup, Station/Column ID, TIR setup, and the Serial output setup).

L9100 Manual Mastering:

This tutorial describes how to master the L9100 Column Gage manually.

L9100 Auto Mastering:

This tutorial describes the Auto Mastering features of the Column Gage, including the various error-detection modes.

L9100 TIR Operation:

This video explains the various TIR options, and how to set them up in programming.