L3000 Computer Gaging System

L3000 Computer Gaging System The L3000 is a computer-based system designed for inspection gaging.  It has multiple inputs, and can log thousands of data readings, as well as produce statistical results.

The compact design allows it to be used in applications where space is at a minimum, and the low cost lends itself to almost any measurement needs.  

The unit interfaces to any standard SVGA LCD monitor, which can be positioned in a variety of arrangements by the user.


-  Large screen graphics through the use of standard 17" LCD monitors.
-  Compact design simplifies the system installation.
-  Low cost makes a total gaging system installation more affordable.
-  Standard 4 or 8 Inputs for either LDVT or Air (with optional A/E Converters).
-  Optional  IET Board for Mini, Electronic Inductive Transducer support.
-  Expandable to 16 Inputs, LVDT, IET, or Air with optional  Input Expansion Modules.
-  Full front-panel programability.
-  Provision for External Contact Inputs for gage control purposes.
-  Status Relay Output:  
2 Relays standard, or 8 relays optional.
-  Parallel printer port output.
-  Engineered for high reliability on the factory floor.
-  Scrollable viewport gives user quick access to configuration and recent data.
-  4 User-programmable keys for quick function, and control of special features.
-  SPC reports of both current data and archived file data.
-  Menu driven Repeatability and Reproduceability Data Entry and reports
-  Optional Custom Part Visual Imaging available.
-  Direct integration with the Lance L8356 Air to Electronic Converters and L3100 Expansion Module.
-  Optional USB Memory Stick support for program updates and data file transfer.
-  120 VAC operation  (230VAC optional).

L3000 Bar

L3000 Numeric

L3000 Setup

L3000 Setup

Gaging Operations:

-  Multiple Column Bars:  Column bars can be configured for any setup.  Each has programmable scale numbers, Hi/Lo limit markers, and a 7-character digital display over each column.

-  Digital Button Readouts:  As an alternate to column displays, the user can select digital displays with large numerics.   Displays turn amber when IN approach or red when Spec limits are exceeded.

-  Total Indicating Reading (TIR):  When TIR mode is selected, the column will display the difference between the maximum and minimum bar deflections, or maximum, or minimum.

-  Automastering:  The system can automatically master individual columns or groups of columns using Min and Max masters, or Mean masters.

-  Control Outputs:  Two output relays are standard, with up to 8 optional, for control purposes.  Relays can be triggered by out-of-limits,  and other status conditions.

-  Scrollable Viewport:  A screen window can be scrolled at any time, to give the user instant information such as the last gaged reading, column setup configuration, statistical values, and database readings.

-  SPC and Data Reports:  Generate x and R, Histogram, and Data reports based on archived data files in the system memory.  If desired, send archived data reports to a printer.

-  R & R Menu Prompted Tests and R & R Reports:  Conduct a menu-driven Repeatability and Reproduceability Test for any setup and view or print calculated results.

-  Data Output or Programming Via the Serial Port:  Send data to the serial port in real time, or transmit archived data to an external computer, via the serial port.  An external computer can also be used to program the L3000.

-  Step Gaging:  Program the unit to automatically sequence data readings through groups of column displays, or to take readings from one specific group.


-  Power:  120 VAC, 50 Watts
-  Fuse:  AGC 1 Amp
-  Accuracy on Analog Display:  1% of full scale
-  Number of Inputs:  4 or 8  standard, 16 total with Input Expansion Module
-  Monitor Connection:  SVGA,  LCD
-  Printer Requirements:  Standard parallel port,  HP PCL 4,5 or 6
-  Dimensions: 4.5" H x 15.1" W x 13" D
-  Weight:  16 lbs
-  Power Cord Length:  6'
-  LVDT Excitation:  3 VAC, 5 KHz
-  IET Probe Excitation (where supplied):  0.707 VAC, 50K Hz
-  Aux Input:  + / - 3 Vdc


-  4 or 8 Inputs for either standard LVDT or Air (with optional L8356 A/E Converters)
-  Alternate to the above, 4 or 8 Inputs for optional IET probes
-  External Contact Control Inputs: 3 standard, or  7 optional
-  Contact Status Outputs:  2 Relays standard, or 8 Relays optional
-  Custom software configurations


-  Standard 17" SVGA LCD monitor, or Industrial Case version
-  Lance L8356 Air/Electronic Converters
-  Lance L3100 Input Expansion Module
-  Remote Pushbutton Box for Data Read, Tir Reset, etc.
-  External Input Cable (for either 3 inputs, or 7 inputs)
-  Relay Output Cable (for either 2 relays or 8 relays)