Legacy Products:

              Computer Gage, Column Gage, Air to Electronic Converters

The following are discontinued products which are, in most cases, no longer available.  In some instances, they have been replaced by newer products with more advanced features.

It may be possible to provide a legacy product, depending on the specific item and on the quantities required.

If you have a specific need involving a discontinued product, please contact us for additional information.


L3000 Computer Gaging System:

The L3000 is a computer-based gaging system which can accommodate either Air Gaging inputs (through the L8356 Air Converters), or LVDT inputs. A total of 8 inputs are available standard,  and this can be expanded to 16 with an add-on input module.

L9100 Led Alphanumeric Display Column Gage:

The original L9100 Column Gage,  includes both an 8-Segment Alpha-Numeric digital display,  and a 100 Segment Colour-Programmable LED Bar display.  It's available for either Air Gaging, or LVDT probes.


                Setting the Pneumatic Zero and Spread Controls

   Setting the
                Tricolour Display Colours