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              Computer Gage, Column Gage, Air-to-Electronic Converter

Lance Instruments manufactures a comprehensive line of dimensional gaging instruments, which are used extensively in precision measuring systems.  Our products include the L9100 Series of Air Column Gages,  the L9100 Series of LVDT Column Gages, and the L8356 series of Air-to-Electronic Converters, as well as a variety of additional support hardware and software.

Our line of standard products is available off-the-shelf, or can be supplied with custom hardware  or software to meet our customer's specific requirements.  In business for over 35 years, we have established a reputation for quality products at affordable prices.

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L9100 Air Column Gage

L9100 LVDT Column Gage

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 Lance Instruments Inc.

L9100 Series Air Column Gages:

The L9100 Series, Air Column Gage is a microprocessor-based instrument, designed to provide all of the features required for high volume & accurate dimensional gaging.

It's design enables the use of standard air tooling, & includes both 'Spread' and 'Zero' pneumatic controls on the front panel, for complete versatility.

The operator interface includes both a Backlit TFT Graphics Display & a fully-programmable 100-segment colour bar display.

Digital processing of the pneumatic signal provides a high degree of repeatability & accuracy.   And, an easy-to-follow programming menu  makes for a quick setup, with a minimal learning curve. 


L9100 LVDT Column Gages:

The L9100 Series, LVDT Column Gage is  microprocessor-based, and is designed to provide a full-featured instrument for high volume & accurate dimensional gaging

The unit supports both Half-bridge & LVDT probes, and can be supplied to work with either standard or high-frequency mini-probes.
The displays include a Full-colour, Backlit TFT Graphics Display,  and a fully-programmable 100-segment colour bar display.
The unit's digital processing capabilities provide the highest degree of repeatability & accuracy attainable.  In addition, an easy-to-follow programming menu makes for a quick setup.

 L8356 Air-to-Electronic Converters:

The L8356 Air-to-Electronic Converters  have been designed to interface with almost any  commercial  gaging system in order to provide full air-gaging capability.

The units are highly versatile & handle a wide range of tooling demands, through the  Spread & Zero controls located on the front panel.

The standard output  is a +5v to -5v  signal, although almost any custom signal output can be provided on request.

All specifications subject to change without notice.